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How To Apply


Our Secondary School are open to students between the ages of 15 months old and 10 years old. We start all students in our “Pre-Kinderfun” and then they eventually move to nursery school.

Kindly read about  our application process on our Admissions page.

Our programme incorporates Nigerian, British, and American curriculums. This allows students to be well prepared for higher education in Nigeria, the UK, or the U.S, depending on what they decide.

Once the schedule is created for the entrance exam, we will make the dates known to the public.

No, the process is still the same. Kindly find full information about  our application process on our Admissions page.

For all of your questions and concerns  regarding admission, student life, tuition and more, we are more than happy to address them. We will be sure to respond to your message within 48 Hours.